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An article I saw from Buzzfeed headlines as “Everybody Who Saw “The Fault In Our Stars” Really Hates John Green Now”

Not Cool! All these jerks who didn’t read the book and just decided to watch the movie and then eventually cried, like pretty much everyone else, are sending hate msgs to fishingboatproceeds (John Green) . I hate it. How dare them? So it’s like John Green is everyone’s Peter Van Houten now?!
I know I should be happy since it seems more people are now finally recognizing his talent (God, he’s a genius!), but what’s with all the F word? Can’t they be a little nicer? :( 
Personally I haven’t seen the movie yet but I already expect that I’d be crying my eyes out since I did while reading the book. The good side about all these reactions means that John Green did a good job with the film as well. 
I guess I should be heading to the cinema now?.. :)



I am on vacation so did not see the reaction to some of my posts yesterday, or I would have responded sooner. As a heads up, I am going to return to vacation momentarily and won’t be back until Friday.

But I want to apologize for an earlier tumblr post in which I captioned Hazel and Gus’s…

via Reblog for iPad

via Reblog for iPad

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Lady in a Bookstore.
Such a Happy Place. I love the smell of new books.
Shot @ Kinokuniya in Dubai.

Lady in a Bookstore.
Such a Happy Place. I love the smell of new books.
Shot @ Kinokuniya in Dubai.

"Let’s be psychos together"

"Let’s be psychos together"

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it’s finally ok to post these - thanks

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Lovely photos of Benedict Cumberbatch proudly posing with his Star Trek poster.

Hottest Sherlock to a lovely villain, Khan. ^^

Minimalist posters » Looking For Alaska

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